It’s love, officially.
July 2020

Today, after over a decade in business, we are excited to announce the next evolution of HERREN DER SCHÖPFUNG.

Over the course of our close longtime collaboration, we have established a strong relationship – now, we join the Liganova Group for good. This partnership marries the leading company for seamless brand experiences in connected spaces with our dedication for creativity and technology. Enabling us to enter the next level of our united mission: Closing the gap between the digital and physical world.

The strength of our relationship originates from our shared culture of curiosity, sense for aesthetics and passion for innovative ideas. Together with and for our dear clients, we will continue to create under our own name, now stronger than ever before – with LIGANOVA’s four international offices as well as the company’s consulting & strategic services and production facilities having our back.

But there’s no time for honeymoon. Rather for passionately spent time on many lovely projects. Maybe yours.

So, get in contact and create the future of experience.

HERREN DER SCHÖPFUNG is a digital experience agency based in Frankfurt am Main, combining creativity and emerging technologies. Dedicated to what we do best – innovate and craft memorable experiences for a connected world. Shaping a new culture of digital brand excitement.


Digital Branding & Campaigns

We help brands find and maintain a purposeful positioning. From strategic brand development to the realization of international campaigns: with striking visuals, smart copy and impressive animations, we create a pinpointed communication with lasting impact.

Web, App & Mobile Experiences

We elaborate and engineer custom benchmark solutions for every device and every platform. Wearables, smartphones and tablets – with state of the art technology, we create native touchpoints for playful and user-orientated customer activation, brand exposure and product performance.

Installations for Exhibitions and Showrooms

We showcase brands and products on stages of any size. From pop-up stores to showrooms and international exhibitions. Smart touch tables, digital installations and grand press releases – we consult, develop and manage highly innovative projects with long-standing experience and expertise.

Digital POS & Retail

We elevate the point of sale to a point of experience. With interactive touch walls, digital screens and showcase appliances, we create product and brand experiences that speak for themselves. And by that, turn stores into sophisticated digital touchpoints for multichannel strategies.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

With groundbreaking virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality technologies, we create immersive content and state-of-the-art appliances that turn brands and products into experiences perceivable with all senses.


With passion, know-how and latest technology, we create digital environments for profound fascination. Discover a selection of our works.


Exceptionalism in all its facets: For these partners, we create digital excitement.


Together with our clients and partners we consistently have been able to excite juries with our works.