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Caravaning has its finger on the pulse of time. No other form of tourism is as diverse and individual. But hurdling it’s entry point is complex and it’s image is antiquated and prejudiced. Together with the German Caravaning Industry Association (CIVD), we gave Caravaning a new digital reorientation. With the relaunch of, we made the merits of Caravaning explorable in a timely and emotional way.

  • Digital-Strategy
  • Information Architecture (IA)
  • UX-Design
  • UI-Design
  • Creative Direction
  • Art Direction
  • Motion Design
  • Content Production

Digital Brand Strategy Repositioning

Strategic Foundation for a Digital Brand Experience

Together with the CIVD, we developed the strategic foundation for a digital brand experience that, as well as existing caravaning enthusiasts, excites new, younger audiences about Carvaning. Our mission: To establish the information hub as the leading contact point for the Caravaning community. For this, we redeveloped all digital channels and helped to spark interest and start a dialogue with audiences by creating targeted emotional content, offering helpful services and eradicating barriers to engage with the topic.

Digital Corporate Design Development

Designing a sense of freedom

To kindle the Caravaning sense of freedom in a digital surrounding, we needed to freshen up the image within a brand repositioning across all channels. The entire online communication was modernized to offer an accessible, natural and sympathetic entry point. An exciting blend of fonts, an enriched color concept, a fresh interface design and an exclusively created imagery we built an unmistakable visuality für CIVD.

Information Architecture & UX Concept

Reimagined from the ground up

The vast quantity of contents combined with analyzing the behaviour of target audiences revealed the true complexity and diversity of Caravaning, Based on our findings, we came up with a user experience that offers both purposeful and explorative user journeys for target audiences. The redefined structure of the website invites both beginners and adepts to browse, seek and discover further contents, thanks to a extensive linkage concept through tagging and linear storylines. We gave the means to cultivate a seamless growth of interlocking contents for inspiration and information that keeps the hub interesting and diverse on a long-term basis.

Redesign & Relaunch Info Portal

A whole new travel experience

Based on the IA/UX concept we turned a vast information hub into an approachable digital experience. The responsive design focuses on functionality, usability, an emotionally engaging experience and a user-oriented structurization of contents.
The front page offers clustered routes of entry for basic fields of topics framed with open and vivid imagery. Within the likeness of a modern lifestyle magazine users are lead from article to article to gradually dive deeper into the Caravaning universe. By redesigning and extending travel inspiration contents, extensive guides and helpful services, we translate the exceptional Caravaning feel of autonomy into the digital world.

Content Production

The most natural form of imagery

For digital communication we produced active, authentic and emotional imagery matching the essence of what Caravaning really is. The documentation style photography was created alongside the TV commercial shoot and entirely shot with natural lighting. In addition to the Caravaning imagery, we produced interviews, campsite reviews and travel reports for the redesigned online channels. In a 360° campaign we developed a holistic and congruent portrayal of the CIVD brand.

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    Caravaning Industrie Verband e.V. (CIVD)
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    Digital Strategy / Information Architecture (IA) / UX Design / UI Design / Creative Direction / Art Direction / Motion Design / Content Production
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