Making the impossible tangible.

DJI is a driving force of innovation in drone, gimbal and camera technology. With its easy-to-use high-end products, DJI advance the “Future of Possible”, reimagining the consumer electronics market landscape.

For IFA, the international consumer electronics trade show in Berlin, an exhibition concept was developed to create an approachable and tangible hands-on experience, sending a clear brand message to all its visitors: “With DJI, YOU CAN.”

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Whether sky-high, into deep or cross country: DJI empowers you to move freely and capture special moments like never before. DJI’s drones, cameras and stabilizers offer “The Future Of Possible” – straightforward solutions for otherwise challenging tasks. In 2019, this foundation of DJI’s brand DNA was to be turned into a tangible experience at the IFA exhibition.

Architecture & Communication in Public Space

Communication and space in perfect synergy.

In cooperation with architectural office STUDIO SASCH, the booth was strategically developed alongside the brand’s communication concept. The architecture purposefully takes a step back to give room for shifting the focus towards the product experience.

To communicate the brand’s DNA, two high definition LED screens deliver a synchronized content mix of DJI footage along with the visually dynamic campaign message “YOU CAN”. A horizontal screen creates a visual frame of breathtaking footage for the exhibition tables and inspires a feeling of boundless freedom. A vertical screen provides the stage for up-close product shows in the newly designed drone flight cage. Together, they provide communicative context and bring the exhibition to life.

Media usage & content production

Content as foundation.

The broad variety of breath-taking DJI footage served as a visual basis to outline and emotionally establish the three product worlds. Kinetic typography elements created context between product categories and the “YOU CAN” motif. The result is a visual branding concept, that connects space, product and visitors within the context of the “YOU CAN” brand promise and provides an impressive, fully synergetic stage for the hero products and their categories far beyond the booth’s floor plan.


An experience that leaves a lasting impression.

The pursued strategy “attraction from afar, activities up close” was a full success – consequently originating from the brand’s core and realized through its products and product generated content.
The reimagined booth concept established an individually scalable brand experience that at all times subordinated to the product experience – and therefore can be further utilized by DJI for exhibition purpose in the long-term.

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    DJI Germany
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    Consumer Goods and Retail
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    Concept / Architecture / Creative Direction / Technical Consulting / Content-Produktion / Motion Design / User Experience
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