Kia #GoElectric
Electric Driving in full charge

Our contribution to climate protection? We let electric driving go mainstream. But where doubts about reach, charging times and costs keep car owners from making the switch, how do you convince them on a broader scale? By making it accessible for everyone. For this, we answered the most common google searches about electric driving ourselves.
Together with Innocean Worldwide, we created a key informational platform about electric driving across models and types. Under the motto “Stop Wondering. Start Driving”, we address and resolve concerns and whet the people’s appetite for driving electric.

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Concept & development info portal

The power-charger for e-mobility.

Electric vehicles are better for our climate – no question. But in order to spark real excitement about them, car owners need to understand and feel how feasible and appropriate for their lifestyle e-mobility already is. On the central #GoElectric portal we answer all questions and offer orientation and information throughout the entire electric driving expertise of Kia.

Users get access over SEO optimized subpages that go into every detail of answering the most frequent questions about electric driving looked up on search engines.
A snackable format of charming animation videos offer a quick glance on each topic.

In an interactive questionnaire, users can find out which Kia model and which type of electric powertrain suit their individual needs. The corresponding product page is just one click away. That’s a win-win for our climate and for Kia.

Corporate Design & Campaign Branding

Pointing the way towards sustainable driving enjoyment.

With the #GoElectric seal, we actively motivate car owners to switch, while charging e-mobility with a positive first impression.
The cyan ribbon, forming the infinity symbol, stands for ambitious technology and sustainability and can be used individually both in static and animated form.
With its strong recognition value, the seal connects communication across all traditional and digital channels and shows color for future-proof, electrifying driving experiences.

3D-Modeling & Motion Design

Tough questions, eyeful answers.

An electrifying series: Instead of dry and technological explanations, we answered all questions of everyday relevance with 8 entertaining, playful and straightforward animation films – entirely produced in-house from the first script to final rendering touches. And since the success story of Kia keeps unfolding, the series is most likely in for more seasons to be made.

  • Animationsfilme

Copywriting & SEO Optimization

A magnet for e-mobility starters.

Everyday relevant knowledge without the geek-speak. That’s how even technical details like charging plug types are explained on eye-level. Entertaining, 100% SEO-optimized and always comprehensible, the portal is not only highly insightful, but elevates the Google ranking of the entire platform, leading information seekers on e-mobility directly to Kia, where everyone can access all the knowledge they need – from local e-mobility funding to decision guidance for choosing the right electric car.

Social Media & Online Media

Even more reach for electric vehicles.

Thanks to a large scale campaign, Kia electric powertrains are zooming through the internet on all relevant channels, creating more thrust for the e-mobility movement – with digital traffic on the Kia #GoElectric portal and, subsequently, on our streets.

International Rollout

From Frankfurt into 28 markets.

All digital assets around the Kia #GoElectric portal where produced and scripted inhouse and equipped with modifiable layers to meet market-specific requirements for a simultaneous distribution across 28 European countries.


Kia electrifies Europe.

The Kia #GoElectric platform sparks up the e-mobility debate and sweeps barriers out of the way, offering ways to join into the discussion and approach an individual, well-informed entrance into the world of electric driving for everyone. As of now, over 1.2 million users already read up about the topic on our portal. No wonder, the waiting period for an electrified Kia model at the moment can take up to 12 months.

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    INNOCEAN Worldwide Europe / Kia Motors Europe
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    Campaign Ideation / Creative Direction / Website / Development / Digital Strategy / 3D Modeling / Motion Design / Octane Rendering / Social Marketing & Content / Online Advertising
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