Kia ProCeed - Let your eyes wonder.

The new Kia ProCeed is the first “shooting brake” in its segment. Practical, like a station wagon. Elegant, like a sedan. Made, to connect Kia with a whole new target audience: design-savvy trendsetters with an eye for the exceptional.
Together with INNOCEAN WORLDWIDE EUROPE we developed a design-driven 360° campaign to cater to the mindset of this particular consumer group and drive their excitement for this all-new model.

  • User Experience
  • Social Media
  • Website
  • Automotive
  • Campaign

TV Commercial

Looks meet character

The TV commercial marks the centerpiece of the campaign. With the tagline “Bold Move” it projects the confidence of the Kia ProCeed’s innovative design, aesthetics and attitude to match the target audience’s aspirations.

Website concept

Eyes locked on looks

The website stages the ia ProCeed as an eyecatcher in the truest sense of the word. Because instead of scrolling up and down a static image, the user moves the website around the vehicle, in a dynamic tracking shot, creating and discovering new perspectives on the car’s design and feature highlights in all its detail – inside and out.

Website UI/UX design

Stylish, immersive and cinematic

The Kia ProCeed’s design speaks for itself. To give it the full attention it deserves, controls and textual elements were minimized and relocated to a second layer of communication. The concept of the TV commercial is seamlessly implemented onto the website and enhanced with an interactive layer. The presentation of the various product features and highlights is embedded into the dynamic night drive scenery of the film. By the use of the scroll / swipe functionality, the navigation is fully intuitive and additionally complemented by a milestone navigation.

Website development

CGI & Real Time Video Compositing

Creating stunning looks required more than meets the eye. We combined state of the art CGI modeling with real life beauty shots, to push the aesthetics of a night time drive to a whole new level – To ensure the vehicle is always moving forward regardless of your scrolling behaviour, we specifically developed a real time compositing video system, creating a magnitude of loops and layers from the original footage that are compiled automatically according to the individual user interaction, while ensuring a smooth performance on both device and browser.

Digital Photography

Stunning up to the very last pixel

A series of digital photographs create the foundation for online communication beyond cinematic elements of the website. Relating to the campaigns urban setting, the imagery emphasizes the dynamic contour and innovative tech details of the Kia ProCeed. The modern architecture of Vancouver and the delicately colorful lighting details underscore the elegant lifestyle character of the product.

Digital Promotional Tools

A bold move on every channel

Following the three steps principle of “see, think, do”, we generated awareness, website visits and considerable leads through various digital promotional tools. The story and campaign were consistently placed across all channels. From newsletters, mobile banners and LinkedIn ads up to Facebook and Instagram postings, videos, stories and Canvas Ads.

International Rollout

Produced locally, launched globally

All digital assets of the Kia ProCeed campaign were produced and delivered in house, providing editable layers and meeting specific requirements for individual markets to be rolled out in 28 European countries simultaneously.


A bold move for Kia Europe

Shortly after the European-wide launch in December 2018, the Kia ProCeed campaign website became one of the most successful in the brand’s history. Compared to previous campaigns, 243% more website visits and 220% more leads were generated, while reducing the bounce rate by 79%.

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    INNOCEAN Worldwide Europe / Kia Motors Europe
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    Campaign Ideation / Creative Direction / Microsite / Development / Digital Strategy / Motion Design / Social Marketing & Content / Online Advertising
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