It’s love, officially.
July 2020

Today, after over a decade in business, we are excited to announce the next evolution of HERREN DER SCHÖPFUNG.

Over the course of our close longtime collaboration, we have established a strong relationship – now, we join the Liganova Group for good. This partnership marries the leading company for seamless brand experiences in connected spaces with our dedication for creativity and technology. Enabling us to enter the next level of our united mission: Closing the gap between the digital and physical world.

The strength of our relationship originates from our shared culture of curiosity, sense for aesthetics and passion for innovative ideas. Together with and for our dear clients, we will continue to create under our own name, now stronger than ever before – with LIGANOVA’s four international offices as well as the company’s consulting & strategic services and production facilities having our back.

But there’s no time for honeymoon. Rather for passionately spent time on many lovely projects. Maybe yours.

So, get in contact and create the future of experience.

Merck VR Brand Dome — Decoding a brand’s DNA.

In recent years, Merck departed from being a typical chemical and pharma industry producer to become a lively science and technology corporation. The repositioning of the brand was introduced together with its rebranding. But how do you excite over 10.000 employees for a change of course in design and culture within the company?

  • E-Learning
  • Virtual Reality
  • User Experience
  • Leap Motion
  • Motion Design
  • Pharma
  • Interface Design
  • Gamification
  • Oculus Rift

Together with Merck, we developed the virtual reality brand dome to create and emotional experience of the new brand. We created an immersive and interactive experience of the new DNA of the brand for its employees, using multi-sensorial VR technology.

Three interactive chapters present the major brand elements in a playful way and communicate their correct appliance. This way, the new corporate identity is strengthened and the vision of Merck brought to life.

    • AWARDS:
    • Gold – GWA Health Care
    • Gold – German Brand Award
    • Virtually touchable design and brand DNA.
    • Gamification for mediation of CI.
    • Innovative User Experience.
    • Combination of Oculus Rift and Leap Motion.
  • Client:
    DECODE / Fork Unstable Media & fischerAppelt / Merck
  • Industry:
    Science / Technology
  • Services:
    Concept & User Journey / Style Frames / Motion Design Concept / Art Direction
  • Year: